The Damnit Game of the Week: Paintball

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Paintball -- The Game, is one of those oldies but goodies, courtesy of The basic game features just a ball and a box. All you have to do is draw in the lines necessary to land the ball inside of the box. Here is the catch, there are obstacles drawn all over that try their damnedest to make this absolutely impossible.

Sounds simple right? WRONG! Consider that there is a level creator that has apparently been used by some of the nastiest, meanest, sons of bitches that the Internet has to offer! All of the user generated levels were then added to a gigantic database. Levels are randomly chosen from this database, bringing endless variety and creativity that will keep the gameplay fresh, round after round.

Just be sure to watch your back... You don't want to get caught playing this for too long, even though you will want to!

If you want to play the game in full screen glory, click HERE.


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