First Impressions: Geometry Wars 2

Filed under: , by: Grundy the Man

I am as surprised writing this as you are reading it. Let it be known that I have a BAD history with twin-stick shooters. In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't bother to purchase the original version of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved because it pissed me off too much. For the life of me, I was never able to figure out the controls.

This is the one genre that gives me the finger every time I have ever bothered to attempt it. The original Geometry Wars for Xbox LIVE gave me humiliating, controller chucking fits. Makes me count my blessings that my console came preinstalled with Hexic instead of that thumb destroying monstrosity of a game.

The ranting preface aside, let me tell you the shocking part, I actually LIKE Geometry Wars 2. So far I have actually been able to hold my own and enjoy myself in the process. These are two things that have never went together in the last installment. It was either I enjoyed myself and sucked or vice versa, there was never this wonderful middle ground that I am currently in. I was so thrilled with the title, that I actually bought it last night and have not regretted it of a second.

With five new gameplay modes to go along with the classic retro evolved mode, there is a lot of variety. I look forward to sinking more time into this game as the week goes on. Stay tuned for a full review soon!

As a bonus to readers, below is a walk through of how to get the elusive smile achievement: