First Impressions: Unreal Tournament III

Filed under: , by: Grundy the Man

The Unreal Tournament franchise has appeared on about every platform since the Pentium processor was made available. I have a long and storied history with this franchise that extends to this very day. Sadly, i was one of the poor saps that even picked up Unreal Tournament III for PC on the day of release. This has led to many many hours of fragging fun, but does the fun transfer over to the latest installment on the Xbox 360?

After a significant amount of hands on time, the player will begin to see serious graphical similarities between the PC and Xbox 360 versions. Really, this should be the case considering that the game engine that was created with the Xbox 360 in mind. One improvement to note is that the draw distance in the game is quite impressive. Unfortunately, as you approach objects, the pop-in textures that the Unreal Engine is known for becomes glaringly evident.

One thing that has not been lost from past iterations is the fast and frenetic firefights. This is a game that puts the speed of COD4 and Halo 3 to shame. In some cases the speed can actually pose a problem for online matches. Even the slightest lag has the potential to bring a competitive match to its figurative knees. But I will reserve further judgment until my review.

Below is the trailer for Unreal Tournament III: