Damnit Game of the Week: Super Mario World Flash

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Since I paid homage to one of the many clones of Super Mario, I suppose I should pay homage to the little mustached Italian Man himself. I present you with Super Mario Flash! While in one of my stirring librarian classes, I stumbled upon this little beauty.

This is an amazing re-do of the Super Mario World that we all were geeked about as kids... Ok, not me... I was only 5 when it came out. It's your typical Mario style game. No crazy controls here, just jump, left, right, and run. See, no thinking involved. However, you can configure your own buttons, but the default keys are very natural to use. I do find myself wishing that I had set up the controls like an SNES controller... I keep pressing the wrong button to pick the shells up.

Honestly, if I wasn't trying to play this on an slow-ass iBook G4 that my college gave me, I probably would think I was playing this on an SNES. The levels look like they could be levels in the game. Many of your favorite enemies make appearances (Goombas, Koopas, that damn dino that tries to make you into an Italian sausage). The gameplay can be challenging, especially if you have to keep minimizing it so that your professor doesn't catch you trying to keep yourself awake. It isn't exactly Super Mario world, but pretty damn close! There are some quirks... like dying when you are far away from an enemy, but I think its many virtues more than make up for that.

So if you're like me and listening to a professor extol the many virtues of his research, take a stab at this game. At least you'll get something out of the class!

I just have to say that I got the person next to me playing too! MWHAHAHA!!!! This is another one that won't embed without starting automatically, so you can play it HERE.