Upcoming: Homecoming Edition

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This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Homecoming Weekend festivities at my Alma mater. It was great to get to be able to see both family and friends, as numerous nostalgic alumnus converged on a tiny Iowa town. The Homecoming football game was a nail bitter that came down to the last minute and a half. In the end the good guys prevailed, scoring the go ahead touchdown, to stave of defeat for the first time this season. PriestBeast and I even had the chance to return to our roots, playing tuba in the Pep Band, after over six months of inactivity.

As you can imagine, the circumstances this weekend where the reason for the lack of huge updates late in the week. Fortunately enough, Jimmy the Greek and PreistBeast came to the rescue with a Review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and another installment of the "Random Thoughts From The Gameless Gamer." We hope to continue our streak of excellence, as we move into the new week.

There are several new pieces that you can look forward to this week, including first impressions of both Tiger Wood PGA Tour '09 and Facebreaker, and last weeks promised Battlefield: Bad Company Review (sorry the weekend crept up on me!) From the rest of the team you can expect to hear from Jimmy the Greek with a "What I Hate About..." article staring a staple Xbox franchise, another look into the twisted mind of PriestBeast in a third installment of "Random Thoughts From The Gameless Gamer," and other surprises that will develop as the week goes on. Who knows? If there is time, you may even see a little bit of breaking news. So stay tuned, because the unexpected is bound to happen.

Have a great week.