Random Thoughts From The Gameless Gamer: Sales Pitch

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To all the gamers in the world out there.

Since it's my job to post completely abnormal articles for all of you to fill in the gaps in your lives, I figured I would go way out on a limb with this one.

My girlfriend, an avid artist, is looking to sell a growing stockpile of her artwork. She is hoping to hear from you, our wide audience.

This picture on the left is one that she did, for an amazing movie that we all love, Spider-Man. She has plenty of other pieces that she has done in a wide variety of styles. From boats, to people, to Spider-Man and beyond. She also takes the time, if you are interested, to take a picture of your own and do a piece for it.

All are handcut and original in the art form of Scherenschnitte which dates back to the 1500s.

If you are interested feel free to e-mail her at: hannahelizabethdesigns[at]hotmail.com

Approx: 12" x 12" size

Game on Gamers!