Random Thoughts From the Gameless Gamer: Always Wear Your Helmet

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As I often do, I was originally going to post to you about the necessities of something completely unrelated to gaming. It had to do with wearing your helmet while riding a bike, because a number of weeks ago I ran into a car. Boy did it hurt! Thankfully, I was wearing my helmet and am still able to game on! So keep that in mind next time your out riding.

Although it's quite a cold spell for all this global warming talk lately.

Speaking of global warming, did anyone watch the VP debate last week during loading times in between online games of Rock Band 2 or Call of Duty 4? Sarah Palin seems to believe that most of global warming cannot be contributed to us!?! You'd think that a woman from Alaska might actually know something about environmental protection and global warming. What about the freaking polar bears? Oh wait, this just in... she still doesn't care.

Not only do we need to wear our helmets while riding our bikes, it now seems that we need to wear our tin foil hats whenever we listen to politicians. 700 billion dollars from where? Who the heck does it go to? Why does my video game money have to go to people that can't pay for the things they buy? It's ridiculous. The only reason it actually passed is because politicians are tacking on all sorts of additions that none of us have actually heard about. In the end, it is just costing the taxpayer more money. Where's the Maverick now? Or for that matter, the Change from Obama?

I was incredibly disappointed with the VP debate last week. While some of you may have only caught bits and pieces, I sat and watched the whole thing as my brain leaked out my ear. Joe Biden, made it very apparent that does not like the Bush administration (but neither do I). He talked an awful lot against a guy, (McCain) who he has been friends with for a long time. To make matters worse, he didn't necessarily talk about how some of the issues facing us would be addressed. (Although he does admit that lots of global warming is man made). I have to give him incredible credit though for sharing about how his wife and daughter were killed and he raised his sons on his own.  Eat that Palin! 

And what was with all that winking from Sarah Palin? She's not cute. She's freaking married with what, like four kids? I am convinced that her hair color should be blond sometimes, because of the way she responds to things. "Uh, sorry, I'm not going to answer questions you ask me, I'm going to say what I want to say." That's not what a freaking debate is about!

Looking forward, I hope that Obama wins this round of elections, not because he is more experienced, or better suited for the presidency, but because I cannot stand the thought of John McCain in office. His "change" slogan was stolen from Obama because he was bitter at how bad he has done in recent polls. McCain took it one step further when he chose a woman running mate, strictly because Obama did not choose Hillary (thank God!). He can't be a Maverick when he is buddy buddy with Bush.
And he's freaking 71 years old! He'll never be able to relate to the younger generations.

Game on gamers! But make sure in the beginning of November, you don't forget to go to the polls.

Here's the SNL skit about the VP debate: