One Mega Man 9 Secret Still Undiscovered?

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Mega Man 9 is the part of Capcom's new strategy to revive old school franchises. In a classic return to form, Mega Man 9 channeled the days of eight bit graphics and ass poundingly high levels of difficulty, finally releasing a true successor to Mega Man 2.

Hidden secrets and Easter Eggs where staples of the 8 bit era and it looks like Mega Man 9 has one of it's own. Yesterday afternoon in Capcom's own forums, Senior Community Manager Seth Killian left a series of cryptic posts detailing a single undiscovered secret, still at large:

"There's only one undiscovered Mega Man 9 secret that I know about...

...I'm not revealing it here just yet. And go nuts--I don't predict anyone will discover this one for quite a while yet..." -- Seth Killian

He went on to clarify that this was not the already released Protoman or Fakeman DLC, which leaves me puzzled. I still haven't had the time to finish the game, so I am throwing this out to you guys: What do you think this secret might be?