Damnit Game of the Week: Shift

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Armor Games has been hit by hard times. To save money they have decided not to program in color. Just kidding. Or am I???

Shift is a puzzle/action type game. Your little man must navigate his way through a maze of black and white. About the third level of the tutorial, you'll figure the designer must have been smoking something! The writing's backwards and there is no way to get to your goal. Stupid game... But wait, just press the shift key and all will be revealed. The shift will switch your little man from one color to another, flipping him over in the process. Now you can happily continue on your way. Just watch out for those spikes. They provide the only color in the game when you fall on them.

Armor Games has graced us with 2 sequels to this game, cleverly titled Shift 2 and Shift 3. It's a fun, quick game... guaranteed to make you think a little. But not so much you get a headache. Give it a try.

This game is only available in full screen, Sorry!