Damnit Game of the Week: Disc Golf

Filed under: , by: Grundy the Man

When we were in college, PriestBeast and I used to loose hours to this nasty little game. There was an art to it, and we felt that with time, it could be perfected. It eventually got to the point that if a single shot didn't go our way, we would restart the entire game! Needless to say, that stupid education thing started to get in the way. Good thing it did too, because otherwise we both would have failed out!

For those that are uninitiated as to the ways of disc golf, here is a basic breakdown. You are playing a game of golf using a variety of different discs, acting as your ball. The goal is to throw the disc, so that it lands them in the metal basket-like apparatus that acts as a hole. I have found myself to be a huge fan of the sport in real life, so it seems only natural to want to take it home. Let's see if my wife feels the same way...

Remember, we are not responsible for your lost productivity, it is your fault for being so damn lazy! Just know that we are laughing right along with you.

Be sure to enjoy the game responsibly, and don't forget, moderation is always the key!

If you are feeling extra lucky and want to play in full screen, click HERE