Damnit Game of the Week: Defend Your Castle

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My wife was flushed full of memories when she re-discovered Defend Your Castle, last weekend. I was then bombarded with stories of the many hours she had spent playing this game, while trying to avoid doing her homework for High School classes. Yeah, it is probably near a decade old, but it still has a hook that keep you entertained for hours.

The goal of the game is an simple as the name sounds, you have to defend your castle from attacking stick figures. While they may not seem menacing, those nasty little bastards can do a number to your walls if they manage to sneak by your defenses. You have a variety of different attacks and power-ups at your disposal, but none are more deadly or entertaining then just grabbing onto the attacker and vaulting them miles into the air, only to watch them plummet to their death.

Though mildly disturbing, there is a sick gratification to be gained from seeing hundreds of dead and bloodied stick figure corpses, strewn across the battlefield. Just try not to get to involved. I hear flash game homicide is a precursor for workplace violence. At least that is what my boss said...

As always, amuse yourself at your own risk.

Sorry, you will need the <a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/" target="_blank">Flash Player</a> to play this game.
If you want to test your luck, you can play in full screen HERE.