Upcoming: R&R Edition

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The theme of this weekend has been rest and relaxation. Today, I plan to spend most of my day in my favorite position, planted directly in front of the television. Ahhh... thank goodness for the wonders of wireless internet. Most of today will be dominated by playing one of my favorite weekend timesucks, fantasy football.

Fantasy football is not just a hobby for me, it is a way of life. Currently I compete in two separate football leagues, one of which I am commissioner, have a fantasy pick 'em team and also participate in Yahoo's salary cap challenge. Yeah, it is a bit much, but for a statistics whore like me, it is a great fit.

This weekend I have also tried to squeeze in some time with Battlefield: Bad Company, in preparation for an upcoming review. This week, you can look forward to at least two reviews and commentary. Due to the fact that I have analyzed it to death, there will be a two-part review of Too Human, alongside a review of Space Invaders Extreme for the PlayStation Portable. Once again, we can look forward to being graced with another, "What I Hate About..." article and assorted other contributions from the rest of the team.

This should be a good week, and we are glad to have you aboard.