Upcoming: Growing Edition

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Last week was a blur. There were several different successful articles, among which was the investigative report, "Microsoft to Abandon PC Gaming?" Also, Jimmy the Greek's "What I Hate About the Xbox," is currently being featured on the front page of BadJoystick.com, as the hottest post of the week. Check it out and rate the article, if you feel so inclined.

This makes the second straight week that the "What I Hate About..." articles have brought around tremendous success, so no pressure right? I won't say who is getting hated on this week, but I am sure you can figure it out through the process of elimination. Also coming this week is the promised review of Madden 09, a first impressions of Space Invaders Extreme and my full review of Too Human. As always, there is the potential for surprise posts from the rest of the team, including a possible review of Spore from reluctant_gamer. You'll have to just wait and see.

In another piece of housekeeping, please note that there has been a blog roll added to the right column of the site, just below the new archive search tool. Among the sites in the current roll is the Kombo.com news feed and a feed for The Goozex Report. These are the reasons for the "Growing" portion of the weekly update. Recently I took on a role at Kombo.com as a news editor, where I contribute 3 small posts a day, on relevant gaming news. My Blogger name is a clue as to the name in Kombo's byline. Check out the site for up to the minute gaming news. (I know it was a shameless plug, Sorry!)

Also, we have been getting support from the good folks over at The Goozex Report. They were kind enough to add a link to our blog, so we decided that it would only be fair to reciprocate. They have a ton of great content there, especially for those that trade games through Goozex.com. You can also look for my contribution to their next post, coming early this week. We will link to it from here, as soon as the article goes live.

Things change so fast, and as the site crosses the two month threshold today, everyone here looks forward to the continued success and the addition of new friends. Have a great week!