Damnit Game of the Week: Flash Strike

Filed under: , by: Grundy the Man

Recently I have been experiencing a serious desire to blow shit up from my browser. This was kicked into overdrive after viewing the video of Battlefield Heroes, that I posted late last night. That was when I remembered this little gem that was shown to me a couple of weeks ago, Flash Strike.

Set in the universe of Valve's CounterStrike, Flash Strike is a glorified shooting gallery. Of course, this is the first time that I have ever had the gallery shoot back at me! The main crux of the game is that there is a cash reward for every character shot. These earned funds can be cashed in at the end of each level for better loot.

Effective reloading and ducking behind cover become the key to success in the higher levels, so be sure master the skills early. But whatever you do, try not to have to much fun, or else you may find yourself in trouble. It is good to know that the CounterStrike is never more then a few clicks away.

Be sure to enjoy this game responsibly and watch your back!

If you are have no conscience and want to try it in full screen click HERE.