When Fanboys Attack

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Fanboys are amusing individuals. No matter what, they stick by their console through thick and thin. We actually have a similar conflict here at Thoughts of a Random Gamer. As you can tell from any of my posts, I am a strong Xbox 360 supporter. On the other hand, Greedy Raven is a staunchly in the camp of the Playstation 3. The common link shared is that we are both hardcore PC gamers by nature, but console gamers by necessity.

Anyone who has stumbled into a gaming forum knows the pissing matches that occur between the different factions. Greedy Raven and I have a similar method to exercise our personal demons, Instant Messenger. Below you will see some of the highlights of a summers worth of multi-platform throw downs.

Regular blog business would frequently degenerate into potshots. Here is a perfect example:

Grundy the Man: so are you going to write a new top ten list for next week?

Greedy Raven: Thinking about it

Grundy the Man: top 10 things you hate about xbox 360's?

Greedy Raven: lol, no... I don't hate 360's. I am just more into the high end systems

Greedy Raven: The 360's cheap, but the Walmart market needs its toys too

Grundy the Man: says the guy who can't afford to buy games, because he had to buy the console

Greedy Raven: I CAN afford, I just don't like to if a game isn't worth it

Greedy Raven: $60 is a lot for a game... it better earn every penny

Grundy the Man: so you only buy games if they are worth it...hmmm that explains why your ps3 game collection is so small...

Grundy the Man: :P

Greedy Raven: =/

Grundy the Man: those were your words... not mine... btw

Greedy Raven: Grand Theft Auto IV, Heavenly Sword, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Resistance: Fall of Man, Assassin's Creed, PixelJunk Monsters, Burnout: Paradise City...

Greedy Raven: Not bad for less then a year.. thats a new game every two months

Greedy Raven: That means I alternate monthly with my PC..

We each have our own unique take on the Diablo screenshot controversy:
Greedy Raven: In the fans vs Blizzard screens, I tend to prefer Blizzard

Greedy Raven: but I wish it didn't look so much like WoW... WoW's style really bothered me, one reason why I stopped playing so much sooner then most

Grundy the Man: well I have never ventured into WoW so I cant say either way...

Greedy Raven: It would be the end of you... We would never hear from you again

Grundy the Man: probably

Greedy Raven: Thankfully it doesn't have achievements

Grundy the Man: actually, they are getting added... read it and weep, http://games.slashdot.org/games/08/06/10/2144239.shtml

Greedy Raven: Suddenly I think WoW has outlived itself...

Greedy Raven
: I am waiting for SoS

Grundy the Man: ???

Greedy Raven: Stars of Starcraft! w00t!

Grundy the Man: that would be amazing

Greedy Raven: One world? BORING! I want raids to be planetary INVASIONS!!!! 40,000 man PvP raids!!!

Greedy Raven: Imagine, you and 99 of your closest zerglings charging a couple stray vultures!

Greedy Raven: Then the spider mines pop up and leave you with only 20 people to finish the attack!

Grundy the Man: Then of course, like always, the protoss come in and wipe the map of everyone

Greedy Raven: Of course...

Ninja Gaiden 2 was another unfortunate casualty of our conversations:
Greedy Raven: Why did they make NG2 exclusive for the 360?

Grundy the Man: because they want to sell their game

Greedy Raven: Right... so why not release it on both...

Grundy the Man: see last answer :)

Greedy Raven: ...but with the PS3, they could have a better looking game. I mean, the only advantage the 360 gives them is a broad multiplayer base. Does NG2 have multiplayer?

Grundy the Man: only single player

Greedy Raven: Exactly

Greedy Raven: This doesn't make sense.... Are they going to simply port it and add a greek letter later?

Greedy Raven: Ninja Gaiden 2:Iota

Grundy the Man: most likely

Grundy the Man: but the letter would have to be Beta

Greedy Raven: lol

Grundy the Man: after all, that's what everything on the PS3 is anyway...

Next on the hit list was the Microsoft's addition of avatars to Xbox LIVE:
Greedy Raven: By the way, Xbox avatars? Really? SUCK

Greedy Raven
: not only an obvious Nintendo rip off, but Xbox fanboys are too old to even want them!

Greedy Raven
: I mean, really?!? WTF?

Grundy the Man: We don't want them either

Greedy Raven

Grundy the Man: they are worthless Wii ripoffs that Microsoft is using to try to appeal to grandma's and housewives

Grundy the Man: who needs that demographic anyway!?

Greedy Raven
: Just Nintendo

Grundy the Man: Exactly... That is, until the check clears...

In passing we touched on Achievements in games:
Greedy Raven: I think the new Mortal Kombat will be a rental, purely due to curiosity and trophies.

Grundy the Man: sounds like you are becoming an achievement whore

Greedy Raven
: lol... When in Rome... Pwn like the Romans!

Greedy Raven
: Its a brilliant marketing scheme... it didn't make me choose a console, but will make me more likely to take a chance on games

Grundy the Man: it has worked on me

Grundy the Man: over 24000 gamerscore later...

Greedy Raven
: lol

When a conversation could not rationally discussed, all etiquette was discarded, in favor of Jack Bauer vs. Chuck Norris quotes. Here is my favorite exchange:
Greedy Raven: Jack Bauer can beat every Final Fantasy game in a single day

Grundy the Man: and Chuck Norris just finished a speed run of life... then kicked father time's ass

Greedy Raven: lol

Grundy the Man: a Grundy the Man original

Greedy Raven: I hand typed mine as well! We are both brilliant!

In one last display of nerdery, this is a conversation that only a Computer Science major would appreciate, or understand:
Greedy Raven: Right now I am working on Regular Expressions

Greedy Raven: Except they aren't that regular

Greedy Raven: And they aren't really expressions

Grundy the Man: maybe they are irregular statements... You know, sentences that don't sh*t enough

Greedy Raven: I don't believe it is anatomically possible for sentences to actually poop at all...

Grundy the Man: hence the fact that they are irregular

Grundy the Man: I believe that there is a concept for a really nerdy web comic here

Greedy Raven: Exactly...

After it was all said and done we have agreed to disagree on many topics, but as you can see, humor can bridge even the largest divides. I would like to publicly thank Greedy Raven his for his participation throughout this piece. You can look forward to more contributions from him in the future.

Have a good weekend!