Failure to launch: Recipes of a random gamer

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Grundy the Man and I were talking tonight about the increasing number of posts we each place on the blog every week. I realized it had been a while since I filled everyone in on the genius of my nerdiness. We know that's what this is all about anyway, the important information to make you a better gamer. Well, Grundy was quick to shoot down my newest idea and that led to the birth of a new category of posts: Failure to launch.

Failure to launch. A collection of posts about stories that really should never be talked about on a site like this (or any site for that matter!) For starters we decided that as gamers, we probably don't need recipes for easy food. We need meals that can allow us to stay focused on the game, rather than the stove.

Nachos: Simple. Grab the salsa out of the cupboard. While your in there, grab the bag of stale chips too. Throw a block of velveeta in a bowl and then microwave for a bit. Eat and enjoy.

Soda: How long is a can of soda supposed to be in the fridge for the perfect drinking temperature to be obtained? Well...can't tell ya, cause everyone likes theirs at a different temperature. And you can always throw ice in it.


Popcorn: Set the microwave to popcorn setting for a few minutes and go back to pwning noobs at the other end of the yard.

Macaroni and Cheese: While you will sacrifice some of the flavor and personal preference, go with the Easy Mac. It really is easy.

Get the gist? So what is the point of an article like this? It would be a waste of too much time to search through cookbooks for important recipes. It's far more important for me, and all of you, to be out watching the movies and playing the games that make our lives tick on. So tick on gamers.

And realize that it's ok, because we will keep all the crap off the front page for you.