Damnit Game of the Week: Torn City

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This weeks Damnit Game is a little different. Generally we highlight a game that can quickly steal hours away from your life. This week’s game can quickly steal months, even years!

Torn City is a free browser run text based game created by Chedburn Networks. At its heart it is a MMO crime simulator. Torn City is a criminal infested city where you have to fight to survive. When you first start out you live in a wooden shack and are stuck searching public places for dropped cash.

As you progress, however, the possibilities are vast. You can get a job anywhere from enlisting in the military, bagging groceries or working for the local TV station. You can even become the director of your own business, hiring and firing other players. In the shadier side of business you can sell copied CDs, shoplift and even commit internet crimes. If you wish, you can ban up with other players and rob a bank while in a turf war with other organized groups.

But crimes aren’t the only thing in Torn City. It has a full Casino with 8 different games at the time of this writing. There is a version of the “Big Brother” reality TV show that players can try out for. There is an online radio where different players are DJs. At the race track you can race your stolen cars against other players or make bets on other player’s races. An auction house complete allows you to buy and sell everything from seasonal and rare items to first aid kits which lower the amount of time you spend in the hospital. A full attacking system gives you the opportunity to beat other players to a bloody pulp and then either rob their wallet or make sure they spend a long time in the hospital. The mail system allows you to send letters, money or even items. The often updated newspaper with contains property listings, a hall of fame, classified ads and more. You can even go to school and take classes to learn how to program a computer virus!

The best part of Torn City is that as expansive as it is, the casual player can simply log in once a day for 5 minutes and still have a blast doing some crimes, hitting the gym to raise your stats and wondering the city for a few minutes. At the same time, a hard core fan can Hit the forums, IRC chat and spend hours hanging out at the casino. Almost ever part of the game is player driven, new content is being added all the time, and the community includes 20,000 people who log in daily. Torn City isn’t just a game, it’s an entire social network that’s fun or both the casual and the obsessed.

If this sounds fun to you, check it out here:
Torn City


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