Release of the week: Gears of Resistance

Filed under: by: Greedy Raven

November means that the holiday season is revving up. Publishers are starting to roll out the big releases and gamers spend their holiday money on themselves. After all, waiting to receive games as gifts is for n00bs.

The big game coming out Tuesday for Playstation 3 owners is the much anticipated Resistance 2. Most PS3 gamers are familiar with the series as Resistance: Fall of Man, which was the only game worth buying on the system for several months after the PS3's launch. The second installation moves the fight against the Chimera to the good old United States. Gamers should be excited for this games ramped up eight player co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. All with graphics that only the PS3 can provide.

Those with an Xbox360 gizmo, whatever that is, have to wait until Friday for their big release. The somewhat eagerly anticipated Gears of War 2 is coming out late in the week, as opposed to the usual Tuesday release. The action will reach fever pitch as the Unreal Engine 3 is pushed to its very limits. GoW2 is also sporting an impressive multiplayer package for those of you who like paying a monthly fee to have racist 12 year olds yelling at you, as they hack you with a chain saw. Yummy!