Damnit Game of the Week: Super Obama World

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In honor of the recent elections, I bring you Super Obama World. I happened upon this little jewel on Kombo.com last week. Thank you Phillip Levin! This game is created by Zensoft and is one of the better Super Mario clones that I have seen. After the ads (oh how I hate ads!) you get to play as Obama, fighting his way to the White House. Just a warning, don't start the the first level... there is no ending. You end up in No-Where Alaska after crossing the long bridge from Russia.

It has the normal flash Mario controls, arrow keys and the space bar for jumping. Goombas have been replaced with pigs (hmmm... a political jab) and depending on the levels you get some other enemies. To poke fun at the Republican Party's spending of $150,000 on clothing, the "For everything else, there's RNC" features luxury stores Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. You even get to squash those guys that follow you around whenever you're in the store to make sure you don't steal something! TAKE THAT! "I can see Russia from my house" features the Palin estate and snow machines or snow mobiles as they should really be called. Snow machines make snow, Snow mobiles teach drunk men that a large vehicle can only go over open water for a few seconds before the water wins. And it's Sarah Palin on the snow machine. So if you don't like her... there you go. Right now there aren't that many levels... mostly in Alaska, but Zensoft promises others in Arizona, Illinois, and D.C.

So go on and help Obama fight his way to the White House! There is no embed for this one, so go to the site above and check it out!


On November 13, 2008 at 3:59 PM , Greedy Raven said...

Correction: You CAN complete level 1. Before the bridge there is a little cliff to drop down. If you keep going that way you eventually find the end. Now that's level completion you can believe in!