Damnit Game of the Week: Bloons

Filed under: by: reluctant _gamer

For all of you people out there who like to pop little kids balloons or have lost a ton of money at those rigged carnival games, this is the game for you. Brought to you by NinjaKiwi (which is an awesome name) this gem from 2007 is one of the top games of all time on Addictinggames.com. The whole premise of the game? To pop balloons of course. Even cooler, you get to be a monkey!

The controls are all very simple. You point your mouse in the direction you want you dart to go in, hold the left button until it is as powerful as you want it, then let go. It's that easy. Each level gets more challenging as you go on. You get special power-ups, like nails that fly everywhere or the three in one darts. Obstacles take the form of steel walls (which reach out and grab your dart sometimes... grrrr...) or black bouncy walls. The levels can get frustrating fairly quickly and I wouldn't recommend using a touchpad. It's an addicting game because you want to pop all those damn balloons and somehow one always sneaks away.

Try it here!

To play in full screen, click HERE