First Impressions: Facebreaker

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It has been a couple of years since EA's first brilliant foray into the next generation of consoles, when they released Fight Night Round 3 for the Xbox 360. After such an amazing first time out, you would think that they would continue with their winning formula, but once again the logic of Electronic Arts boggles the mind. The brain trust at EA decided to instead make a cartoon based boxing game, in the same vain as the Dreamcast's Ready to Rumble franchise. So Last night, with great hesitation and tons of malice, I dug into Facebreaker for the Xbox 360.

Just as I had guessed, my first inclination about the game was absolutely correct. Facebreaker is nothing more than a direct Ready to Rumble clone. Everything from the flashy boxer introductions to the over the top presentation, just reeked of recycled game design. About the only thing the game was missing was Jimmy Buffer's beautiful, "Lets Get Ready To Rumble!" being bellowed in a pitch that turns heads around the globe. Unfortunately this is about the only thing the game had going for it.

I was so frustrated by this game that I have decided that I would not waste your time, previewing it any further. If you want more information, check out our original Hands-On from last month. Andygoes did a good job of summing up almost all my feelings, in his piece.

The full review will be coming soon. I just keep telling myself that bad games are like tearing off a band aid...

Check out the trailer for Facebreakers below: