Damnit Game of the Week: Argent Burst

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Since most of the games posted have been my suggestions, I decided to take this post on a weekly basis. On to the madness!

For those of you who were alive (and not high on hair spray) in the 80's, this is a game for you. Brought to you by Armor Games (and this bored Grad Student) is Argent Burst. Modeled after Missile Commander, this game has a fairly simple premise, protect your freakin' squares! This game won't win any awards for graphics becuase it's basically a bunch of squares and lines. You do get missiles fired at you later on, which tend to blow your little squares to smithereens. The overdrive mode is a little trippy color wise.

If you're looking for a quick game to play when your boss isn't looking or are trying to relive your big hair days, try Argent Burst!

To play the game in full screen, click HERE