Upcoming: Four Weeks and Counting Edition

Filed under: by: Grundy the Man

On Friday of this coming week the blog will hit the landmark one month birthday. Like the proud father of any newborn, I just want to tell the world, "Ya... that's right! I've made it a whole month without doing anything stupid enough to kill it!"

Personal boasting aside, I would like to say that this has been a lot of fun and a much needed release for me. While I do the daily snarking from the peanut gallery, none of this would have been possible without the rest of the contributors. After all, their articles are the only things worth reading anyway!

But on with this weeks preview: You can look forward to seeing a new "Top Things We Hate About..." list, a preview for Civilization: Revolution on the Xbox 360, a review of Geometry Wars 2, and a new piece that revolves around the conversations of two insane fanboys entitled, "When Fanboys Attack." You may also see more surprise posts by the rest of the group.

One month down and hopefully many to go. Glad to see you are along for the ride.
Have a great week!