Upcoming: Addicted Edition

Filed under: by: Grundy the Man

Damn all these sports franchises. I think that I have finally kicked the habit, in favor of more substantial games. Then it happens... the next season of every single sport franchise is released. Don't worry, I am still making time for review games, it is just a whole lot later in the night by the time I get to them!

This week you can look forward to that "When Fanboys Attack," article that I alluded to last week, a brand new "Things I Hate" list, and the previews for both Madden 09 and Top Spin 3. At the rate that I am going, you may end up seeing a review of Top Spin as well. Either way, it is going to be a sporty week. So lace up your cleats, because the coach is about ready to send YOU in.

Have a good week!