The Damnit Game of The Week: Desktop Tower Defense

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Desktop Tower Defense is a game that exploded on the scene several years ago and never looked back. It has inspired imitators across all platforms, but none have been able to capture the simple charm of the original... I'm looking at you, PixelJunk Monsters!

The concept of the game is very rudimentary. Bad guys will walk from point A to point B. Your goal is to prevent that from happening, using whatever means necessary, only using the weapons available in your armory. The game is so simple that people have been known to drop their kids in front of the computer and use the game as a babysitter, just so that they could get work done.

Desktop Tower Defense is the marijuana of web games. It is an engrossing experience, that everyone has to try at least once. However often you play it, just remember one thing, what time it was when you started. Before long you will be looking at your watch going, "Damnit, how long have I been playing this?"

As always, keep an eye over your shoulder, and try not to have too much fun!

If you are feeling lucky and want to try it in full screen click HERE.


On August 22, 2008 at 1:29 AM , Andygoes said...

seriously? that game was pretty addicting... uhh... an hour and a half... i beat the 4k challenge, though! 6,055 pts...