The Once Over: Wall-E

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Waaaaaaaalllllll-Eeeeee.  The cry that we have all become accustomed to during the previews in movies for the past while.  And it lives up to this humorous cry by an even more humorous voice.

Set a long time in the future, Wall-E is full of political backdrops that lark back to today.  Mounds of trash carpet the earth.  One company runs absolutely everything.  And humans have given up on the problem by running light years away from it.

The movie opens with a small box like robot searching through the garbage.  He is basically an intelligent trash compactor and scrapes trash into his stomach and compacts it.  He then takes that trash and stacks it on piles as high as skyscrapers.  Where all of his counterparts have fallen apart, he collects their working parts and keeps them for when a part of himself breaks. He also collects random trinkets which he finds interested.  

One day while working a space ship shows up and drops off a far advanced robot.  Wall-E is incredibly interested in this robot and follows it everywhere.  The robot finds what it is looking for (won't say, will spoil the movie) and is picked up once again.  Wall-E latches on to the ship and his world explodes with the realization that humans still exist.

The rest of the movie is spent with the human race which has succumb to obesity brought on by the One company (kinda like Walmart).  If to much is said about this part, it will make it less exciting when you go see it.  Which I suggest you do.

This movie is a fresh idea, where as many movies are repeats of different ideas.  Pixar yet again separates itself as unique and witty.  And the movie short before the feature presentation is funny as well.

Rated: G
Running time: 98 minutes
Overall: 4 out of 5