Microsoft Exec Says, 'Xbox 360 Is Japan's Best Option'

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This just in, Microsoft is drugging the drinking water in their Japan offices. Side effects of said drugging include making delusional statements. This is the only logical explanation for the statements made by Takashi Sensui, the General Manager of Xbox 360's Japan branch:

"Sales have been in an upward trend in Japan recently and we intend to work hard to push this momentum forward moving into the holiday sales season,” he said. “As an initial milestone, we would like to hit the one million mark as soon as possible, and are continuing to work hard to get to this milestone and go beyond.

We believe that the launch of big RPG titles for Xbox 360 in Japan is an important part of the road to success here. However, it is not everything.

The core of the Xbox 360 business is made up of three elements: great titles, the best online service and accessible hardware. Now we have all three elements firmly in place, we believe that Japanese consumers will see what we have to offer and agree that it is the best option available." -- Takashi Sensui via Edge Online

The idea that the Japanese people would consider the Xbox 360 over the PlayStation 3 or Wii is downright lunacy. I realize that sometimes it is necessary to tow the company line, but there is a thin line between PR speak and lying to your customers. Best of luck selling a million consoles, but I am not booking a sleigh ride with Satan anytime soon.